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Shri Nagji Patel
Lifetime Achievement in Sculpture

Born in 1937 in a farmer's family of Gujarat, Nagni Patel joined Faculty of Fine Arts (M S University), Baroda, in 1956 and comppleted his post graduation in Sculpture in 1964. He travelled to various stone quarries in India to study different qualities of stones and the techniques of carving, both traditional and contemporary.

His background of rural environment and life influenced his work to a very large extent by the rural setting that he grew up in. Animals are particularly favourite subjects for his sculptures. Natural materials like stone, wood and clay have remained his first choice for expression.

He continued to experiment with their in-exhaustive potential. He has received various prestigious awards and invitations to participate in national and international exhibitions and symposiums. His works are in the collection of reputed galleries and private collections in India and abroad.

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