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Shri Aneesh Pradhan
Classical Instrumental (Tabla)

What, a historian beating his own drums? Indeed, yes. The young Aneesh Pradhan had earned an M.A. in History from Mumbai University before the taal of the tabla made him forsake the corridors of academia and choose a career in music instead. Now this very promising percussionist thinks musically and his kinetic fingers caress, stroke and tattoo the skin of his twin instrument to create amazing music. You don't have to tell Aneesh Pradhan "Taalse taal mila " because he does so naturally, instinctively and easily. Inborn talent, a creative urge and relentless riyaz have made young Aneesh first, or pradhan among a new generation of Indian tabla exponents. Having won both popularity and critical acclaim in India and abroad, he had the distinction of being appointed an artiste in residence at the University of new England, Australia and was also on the visiting faculty of the Department of Music, University of Mumbai. As accomplished a soloist as an adaptable accompanist. Aneesh has created his own distinctive style, traversing the gamut of Delhi. Ajrada, Lucknem, Farrukhabad and Punjab Gharanas in his traditional compositions. As a child Aneesh learnt to play the tabla from his father, and later, became a disciple of the reveied tabla maestro the late Pandit Nikhil Ghosh. Now as this vastly gifted shishya tries to reach the perfection in percussion of his guru. we are confident that history shall surely repeat it self !

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