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Pt. Ram Narayan
Instrumental (Sarangi)

The maestro of sarangi, an ancient instrument whose strings you strum. Comes from a family of five generations of exceptional vocalists and instrumentalists. Trained in music from the age of seven under the best of the best. Ustad Mehmoob Khan, Pandit Udyalal, Pandit Madhav Prasad and Ustad Abdul Wahid Khan. Early in life, began his career as an accompanist to vocalists. Soon earned the sobriquet of a "Sarangi Shahen Shah".

The strings of the sarangi resonate with life when Pandit Ram Narayan strums them. For decades now, his music has sent audiences into ecstasy, in India and the world over. Popularised sarangi as a key classical solo instrument in prestigious global concerts. What drives him is his belief that the sarangi speaks a spiritual language.

Recipient of a string of honours. The Sangit Natak Academy Award, Kalidas Sanman. The Padma Bhushan.

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