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Shri. Bundu Khan
Performance, Visual

Bundu Khan hails from the Langa community which is renowned for its musicians. The Langa community whether in Rajasthan or Kutch, has produced musicians of great acclaim.

 Living in a small village, formal education was not available to him. However, even as adult his world centered around the rare instrument "Sindhi Sarangi".

 Bundu Khan's journey began when here formed first at the age of thirteen. Since then it has continued around the world, through his recordings and his personal appearances. At the age of thirty five he sang in his mesmerizing voice at the historic Royal Albert Hall in London and has repeated his performance at the same venue.

He inherited his musical talent from his maternal grand-father Ustad Alauddin Khan Langa. The resonance of the cymbals is reflected of  the voice of Bundu Khan and even though he has not received formal l training, his rendering depict all the nuances and complexities.

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