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Shri Jeeva Soma Mashe
FolkArt - Performing Folk Art - Visual

Hails from the Warli community of tribals. Raised the ritualistic art form, Warli, to a distinctive identity. Stopped speaking at seven. Began instead by drawing pictures on the ground and walls to communicate. Self taught and trained in Warli paintings. An extremely creative person. Striking and refreshingly bold in his expressions. His brush - a celebration of life and its fluidity.

His style, personal yet all encompassing. Full of verve and vigour. Everything moves, goes an old Warli saying. His graphic nuances - triangles, circles, squares, all mirroring recurring metaphors of tribal life.

First exhibition at the Chemould Art Gallery in 1975. Widely travelled. Exhibited works in Paris, Germany, Italy, United States. His simplistic art forms and his sensitivity left a deep impress on art lovers. The Government of India's National Award for Master Craftspersons was conferred upon him in 1976.

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