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Dr. Ram Deshpande
Classical Vocal Music

Dr.Ram Deshpande is a renowned vocalist of the younger generation. He was  imtialed into classical music by Shri. Chepe, Shri,Panake  and Pt. Prabhakar Deshaker. He was later groomed into the Gwlior style of  singing by Pt.Yashawantbua Joshi and Pt/ Ulhas Khashalkar. He has risen to great heights are a vocalist of the   Gwlior and Jaipur Gharanas. He has also received guidance in Agra Gharana from Pt. Babanrao Haldanakar. He is recipient of several scholarship including Gold medal from Nagpur University for Post Graduate degree and completed his doctorate under the able guidance of Pt. V.R. Athawale on the topic of 'Mishra Raagas'

Dr. Ram Deshpande  has a sonorous voice and with command over gamak, behlava and also with a variety of taans and rhythmic swara patterns he has evolved in to a vocalist of commendable level. He has performed in several prestigious music festivals all over India and abroad and has a number of cassettes and CDs to his credit. 

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