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Shri. Sandipan Samjpati
Classical Vocal Music

Sandipan Samajpati a name of repute in the world of Hindustani Classical Vocal Music, is singularly fortunate to have been born to  a family of rich traditions, be it in the  world of art, academics or, strikingly the arena of Sports. Sandipan has received extensive taleem for over two decades from the reputed and much revered Pandit Manas Chakraborty, the son of the legendary vocalist the late Sangeetachayra Tarapada Chakraborty. Sandipans years of unrelenting practice, coupled with a rare cerebrality in his musical approach, his innate crave for perfection and above all his tuneful voice have all combined together to give his music a rare diversions that instantly captures the the heart.

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